Prestigious, ergonomic and comfortable, high-end executive chairs are defined by premium materials and maximum comfort. These chairs meet the requirements of the most gruelling work day; average, daily use can exceed 8 hours. The features of top-quality executive chairs include maximum available settings and the finest workmanship (e.g. breathable mesh fabric or superior-quality cowhide). However, high-end executive chairs also promote posture and general well-being in the workplace, with features including lumbar arch support as well as height- and inclination-adjustable seats. Adjustable armrests, headrests and neckrests. Not least, the selection of our range is centred upon reliable technology and ease of use.
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Luxury Executive Chair

Representative, ergonomic and comfortable. Luxury Executive Chairs are characterized by high-quality materials and maximum comfort. For high performance and long working days to over 8 hours. The outstanding features of the Executive Chair include maximum individual setting possibilities, elaborate workmanship and high-quality materials such as breathable mesh fabrics or top quality cowhide leather
Among the health-promoting features are e.g Lumbar support, seat depth and angle adjustment. Multiple adjustable armrests and headrests are also featured. Last but not least, the selection of our assortment focuses on optimum operability and durability of the technology.