Office and swivel chairs for private use. Average daily use should not exceed 4 hours. These chairs are ideal in the home office or for casual/part-time employees in the commercial workplace. Office chairs are generally fitted with a straightforward operating mechanism. The backrest is either fixed or adjustable through a permanent-contact mechanism. In the case of a contact mechanism, the pressure of the backrest is adjustable to the user's weight through a pre-loaded spring.The premium models in this category are equipped with a lever-locking mechanism; this allows the user to comfortably secure the inclination of the seat and backrest. Fixed arm rests are also a standard feature of the Home Office category. The seat cover usually comprises abrasion-resistant, flat-woven synthetic fabric or mesh. The base of economical chairs is made of durable nylon synthetics, whilst premium models are fitted with a chome-plated steel base.
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Home Office - Office Chairs

Here you will find office chairs and desk chairs for the private sector. The average daily use should not exceed 4 hours. Typical areas of use are home office or part-time office work. These Office chairs are equipped with a simple mechanism. The office chair features a moveable backrest and stationary seat with a permanent contact mechanism and can be adjusted to the individual’s weight.
The higher-value models in this category have a lever lock, with which you can comfortably determine the inclination of the backrest. Usually fixed armrests are used. The upholstered materials are typically abrasion-resistant, flat-woven synthetic materials or modern mesh fabrics. The base of the simpler models consists of sturdy nylon plastic, the higher quality models are with chromed steel bases.