Smart Premium Collection

Smart Premium Collection (SPC) The 'Smart Premium Collection' incorporates selected top-quality office chairs and executive chairs from the product portfolio of the hjh OFFICE brand. The chairs of the Smart Premium Collection meet the highest standards of design and functionality and are ideal for everyday use at home or in the office.

Why Smart Premium Collection?
This question can be answered in a few words: Just sit on one of our SPC models! Because quality, material selection and design speak for themselves.

In the development and production of our products, we pay special attention to high-quality materials and uncompromising functionality to ensure a consistently high quality. Our office chairs and executive chairs both meet the needs of design-oriented users, but also meet the demands of professional continuous use. We ensure your absolute satisfaction before and after your purchase.

To concentrate on the essentials of our top models and sit stress-free for many years, the SPC chairs include some specific features:

Extended warranty for 4 years
Our SPC models offer the extended warranty without additional charge.
Comprehensive service Problems with the assembly, questions about accessories or the correct setting of your workplace? Our expert staff will be happy to help you!

Individual expert advice with your own hotline number
We have set up a special telephone number for our premium products. There you will receive all information and comprehensive advice before and after your purchase.

Extended warranty for 4 years
We are convinced of the quality and longevity of our products!

How could we better communicate the trust in our chairs, then to extend the regular warranty period. Instead of the legal guarantee of two years, we give a warranty of 4 years! No matter what problem arises with your new chair, a quick call to our special hotline is enough!

So, you can enjoy your premium office chair for a long time!

Valid from the date of purchase January 2014.