BLACKROLL® SMOOVE BOARD | Anti-fatigue mat - Fitness

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  • Anti-fatigue mat including fascia tools
  • Pressure relief for entire body
  • Made of SmartLite foam, super soft and elastic
  • Free tools for foot massage and stretching
  • Promotes movement when working in a standing position

BLACKROLL® SMOOVE BOARD - Bring your workplace to life

The BLACKROLL® SMOOVE BOARD is the ideal standing mat for everyone who spends a lot of time sitting in the office and wants to bring more movement into their everyday life. The anti-fatigue mat motivates you to move more, improves your posture, and mobilises and activates the muscles. It also helps to reduce back pain and tension caused by sitting for too long and stimulates the circulation. The fascia tools included help you to stretch, move, and massage your feet, keeping the fasciae supple through targeted pressure release. The tools also offer the option of changing your standing position in a variety of ways. And that's not all: your activity on the standing mat will also burn calories.

  • Anti-fatigue mat for more movement in the office and at home. Promotes health, vitality and fitness at your standing workstation
  • Made of innovative SmartLite foam. The material is pleasantly soft, highly elastic and pressure-relieving
  • The ergonomically structured surface stimulates the feet and encourages movement
  • Smaller grooves in the back part of the mat are used to activate the soles of the feet. The larger grooves on the front part of the mat can be used to stretch the calves
  • Central cut out in the front area for big toes for playing and gripping and strengthening the muscles
  • The edges on the sides of the standing mat make it possible to rock. This stimulates the circulation
  • Free fascia tools for foot massage and stretching: BLACKROLL® MINI, BLACKROLL® BALL and BLACKROLL® TWISTER
  • Flexible standing positions: Roll out your feet with the MINI, place your heel on the BALL for a pleasant stretch or stimulate your feet with the TWISTER
  • Dimensions BLACKROLL® MINI (W x H): 15 x 6 cm
  • Dimensions BLACKROLL® BALL (W x H): 8 x 8 cm
  • Dimensions BLACKROLL® TWISTER (W x H): 7 x 5 cm
  • Use it barefoot, with socks or shoes. For best results, we recommend using barefoot or with socks, especially if you want to massage or stretch your feet

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More Information
Dimensions (H x W x D) in cm 5.5 x 44.0 x 43.0
Height in cm 5.5
Manufacturer Blackroll
Material TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane), Polypropylene
Guarantee 24 month
Width 44.0
Weight 1.0
Depth 43.0
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