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An ergonomic children's chair makes study fun. These chairs feature an extensive range of settings (e.g. height-adjustability) to adjust to a growing user. Available in various colours and designs.

Keep reading for the criteria of an ergonomic children's chair, including the influence on posture and learning/study behaviour.

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Premium children's desk chairs: How to make the best choice

Fresh colours, young design and a concept that meets the requirements for a healthy sitting posture down to the last detail - these are the clear facts that a children's desk chair without castors or with castors must fulfil in order to fit into our range of premium children's desk chairs.

But what does that mean in detail and how do you choose the best children's desk chair with your child in mind? What are the differences and what should ultimately determine the buying decision? In this guide, we have compiled important selection criteria to consider when buying a desk chair.

What are the differences between children's desk chairs?

If the children's chair is to provide an ergonomic seat for the long term, it must also be specifically designed for the young ones. It then meets the requirements for a healthy office chair, but takes into account the height and weight as well as the youngster's pronounced urge to move. A children's desk chair can also be individually adapted to the body dimensions.
But the children's desk chair test or comparison does not only distinguish it from chairs for adults. The children's chairs also show considerable differences when compared to each other.

These involve:

  • the question which parts are adjustable and whether each component can be adjusted independently of the others.die Ausstattung mit oder ohne Kufen, Gleiter oder Rollen.
  • the structural design and stability of the chair.
  • the question of what freedom of movement the seating furniture allows and what sitting posture it supports. Material, colours, shapes and ease of care of the children's chair.
  • the suitability for certain body sizes and the maximum load capacity in kilograms.

With regard to the frame, the following types of children's desk chairs can basically be distinguished:

  • Children’s desk chairs with or without backrest
  • Children’s desk chairs with or without armrests.

A desk chair without armrests and sometimes also without a backrest is particularly recommended for children of pre-school age up to the transition to secondary school. In our online shop, you will find different versions and designs that you can order immediately according to the taste and current body measurements of the child. Thanks to the huge selection of colours and stylish designs, our children's desk chairs fit into every child's room, for both girls and boys.


At what age does it make senst to buy a child's desk chair?

As a rule of thumb, a children's desk plus a children's swivel chair should be purchased when your child starts school. Because it is only when school readiness has been established that it also makes sense for your child to get used to sitting and working at a fixed place for longer periods of time. However, to prevent damage to the back and joints, it is also important that the chair can be adjusted to the size of the child and that the height and seat can be flexibly adjusted.

In general, your child should:

  • touch the floor with both feet when sitting on the chair.
  • feel the backrest as a support in the back area or
  • assume an appropriate sitting position on a chair without a backrest.
  • be able to place the forearms straight (at 90 degrees to the upper arms) on the table.
  • Be able to adopt a posture that allows for relaxed sitting while drawing, reading, writing or working with a keyboard and mouse

Most children's chairs are suitable from the age of six, some from as early as four. Because every child is different - and this should also and especially be taken into account when furnishing their learning environment.

What do I have to pay particular attention to when buying a child's desk chair?

From what has been said so far, the following factors are particularly important for choosing the right children's desk chair:

  • The chair must be suitable for the size and weight of your child from the beginning and grow with it.
  • It is possible for the child to individually adjust the chair himself and does not significantly restrict his freedom of movement.

Children's desk charis that grow with the child

In order for the desk chair to provide children with the right sitting position for many years, it should ideally grow with them. This is possible if several components are adjustable, namely height, depth, seat surface and inclination of the backrest as well as the armrests (if available).The upholstery should not be too hard and the chair's suspension not too strong. The child's chair must be stable overall so that rocking, turning, fidgeting and pattering at best cause it to swing. Ideally, the padding in the pelvic area is reinforced so that the lower back is particularly relieved.The easier it is for the child to change its sitting position, the better - although this also means that it should be able to do so without help if possible. Therefore, especially with many adjustable components, also pay attention to the presence of a safety certificate or test seal such as the GS logo.


When buying your kid's desk chair make sure it as freedom of movement.

Adults often find it particularly comfortable if the desk chair has armrests - the executive chair with leather upholstery and wide armrests is therefore particularly common in the specially furnished home office.

When choosing a desk chair for your child, other criteria come into play. First and foremost, the natural urge to move should not be restricted too much. Armrests often only get in the way and even backrests can be a hindrance for some children.

In addition to chairs with ergonomically shaped backrests and upholstery, children's stools that swing along are also suitable for the youngest children. They deliberately do not have a backrest so that the child sits in an upright position and still has enough freedom of movement. An additional advantage of these models is that they can be easily stored under the desk when they are not needed.


Materials and care

In our online shop, you will find children's office furniture in robust and easy-to-clean material variants and finishes. The frame can be made of wood, plastic or a mix of materials. The seat and upholstery are easy to clean - and ideally also replaceable.

This has the advantage that if a major mishap occurs or the child's taste changes, it is not necessary to buy a new chair straight away. Just wash it once or change the colour of the cover and the desk chair looks like new.

It is best to choose the material and colour of the covers together with your child. However, you should not compromise on ergonomics and the basic criteria that the chair must fulfil. In our shop, you will therefore find desk chairs for little ones from the age of four in all suitable sizes and model variants.



Children's desk char with castors or glides or without?

The question of whether a child's desk chair should have castors is also frequently discussed. The argument in favour of castors or glides is that they also accommodate the child's urge to move. When sitting, it can also roll in different directions, which is particularly helpful if the pupil's workplace not only consists of a small desk, but also includes, for example, a mobile container or a bookshelf.

The only real argument against the castors is that they could be too hard, as is often the case with commercially available desk chairs for adults or for carpeted offices. So if you want to avoid unsightly scratches on your precious floor within a short time, opt against castors or opt for particularly soft castors. If carpeting is available, you can neglect this issue.


How do I make a descision? Checklist and buying advice for your child's desk chair

Choosing the right desk chair online in our shop is actually quite easy, because we only offer models that we can recommend ourselves. However, it is important that you always take your child as your reference point - their size, their habits and also whether they are more of a tomboy who still needs to get used to sitting still, or whether they already show a tendency to immerse themselves in books, drawings or writing exercises for longer periods of time.

The following checklist briefly summarises the most important features that children's desk chairs must fulfil:

  • The children's chair is ergonomically shaped - the height, depth and inclination of the backrest and seat are adjustable. The handling is simple and safe, so that your child does not have to rely on help permanently when he or she wants to adjust the sitting position.
  • It is a stable model with a test certificate such as the GS seal.
  • All surfaces that are touched when sitting are equipped with pleasant and skin-friendly materials that are also easy to clean or replace.
  • The seat surface is ideally formed in the shape of a hollow.
  • The backrest supports the entire back and is further reinforced at the level of the lower back.
  • If there is no backrest, it is an ergonomically shaped and slightly swinging seat stool designed especially for the "little ones".
  • The chair is visually appealing to your child because the colour and design are suitable for children and teenagers.
  • Your child can sit at the desk in a straight posture from the beginning on, with their feet touching the floor and the forearms resting horizontally on the table.

Last but not least, you should remember: seating furniture and tables must always be matched to each other, regardless of whether you are furnishing a dining room, the kitchen, the living room or even the study. So if you already have a desk, take this into account when choosing the right chair. Alternatively, you can add the right desk to your shopping cart here in our online shop.

By thoughtfully furnishing your child's workstation, you will help your child to learn in a relaxed manner and prevent permanent posture problems. A wise choice for which your child will be grateful even as an adult!

And if the first children's desk chair test at home shows that the choice was not quite the right one, we offer you free return shipping as always! No ifs, ands or buts, because the health of our youngest children does not allow any compromises.

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