Tipps and Tricks for the Office

Optimale Sitzhöhe BürostuhlOptimale Sitzhöhe Bürostuhl

There is a famous picture of Albert Einstein’s desk, taken on the day of his death, the 15th of April 1955. It shows the desk of the father of relativity...

Ergonomie am ArbeitsplatzErgonomie am Arbeitsplatz

Almost anybody who spends eight hours working at a desk, standing up or lifting heavy loads each day puts uneven strain on their back...

Optimale Schreibtischhöhe einstellenOptimale Schreibtischhöhe einstellen

It is a good idea for every manager to make their employees feel comfortable at work. Countless studies suggest that the odd personal touch..

Demontage Gasruckfeder bei einem BürostuhlDemontage Gasruckfeder bei einem Bürostuhl

We have a tendency to underrate the psychosomatic causes of back pain. According to one study, the roots of 16-31% of all illnesses are psychosomatic..

Welche Büromöbel kaufen: Tipps zum KaufWelche Büromöbel kaufen: Tipps zum Kauf

There is a popular myth about learning a musical instrument. It claims that only students who have practiced at least 10 000 hours by their 20th birthday have a chance to become a master of their art..

Sitzball - Alternative  BürostuhlSitzball - Alternative  Bürostuhl

Days such as Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries have a tendency to creep up on us. The same phenomenon applies to the office printer..

Materialpflege für BürostühleMaterialpflege für Bürostühle

A satisfied burp after a light snack in the office, loud embellishment of bedroom antics by the coffee machine, an unappetising remark about dress sense of the chubby director’s..

Kunstleder oder Leder - welches Material ist für Bürostuhl u. Chefsessel das richtige?Kunstleder oder Leder - welches Material ist für Bürostuhl u. Chefsessel das richtige?

The old saying that good health is just good genes could not be more inaccurate. Whilst luck is naturally a factor in being and staying healthy, researchers have established that happiness and healthy lifestyle choices are far more influential in establishing and maintaining good health.

“It’s better to lie down and walk than sit and stand” goes an old saying for good posture. Unfortunately, this time-honoured proverb does not appear to have made its way into modern..

Tipps zur BüroorganisationTipps zur Büroorganisation

For him it’s the cute blonde intern that sometimes twinkles a smile in the corridor. For her it’s the singlet-wearing deliveryman with the chiselled jawline. Most employees know that this..

Tipps zur BüroorganisationTipps zur Büroorganisation

If the topic weren’t so serious, you could almost joke about it. For instance, you could say that today’s youth is not satisfied with underage drinking and smoking—it wants back pain..

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