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This category features our economical range of professional office and swivel chairs. These models are designed for the average 6-8 hour workday in the commercial workplace. However, private users are also advised to consider our professional class.

This category emphasises ergonomics, high-quality, long-life materials and a variety of settings. Office chairs of the professional class generally features a synchronous chair mechanism, whereby the seat and backrest move in tandem to assure ideal ergonomics. Thus, the user is optimally supported in every position. Most office chairs in this category are fitted with height-adjustable armrests and chrome-plated steel bases.

Aside from their excellent ergonomic specifications, these chairs also appeal through a creative and modern design and the use of high-tech materials. Want to learn more.

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Professional Chairs high expectations

If you work several hous a day sitting, buying a professional office chair is almost a must. Our professional office chairs are manufactured for an 8 hour day to pass like nothing. The intelligent design brings you to get an ergonomic correct position through tactile stimuli. You therefore relieve your back in a natural way, without noticing something or having to think about it actively. This increases your well-being and through this also your productivity.

Our professional office chairs

  • only use high-quality material
  • are manufactured for long lasting work
  • bribe through a long-living mechanism
  • offer many individual possibilities to adjust.

We also offer afordable Economy office chairs as entry-level model and as well high-quality First Class office chairs for high standarts. We can also meet all your requirements in between with our Premium Economy office chairs and our Business Class office chairs. You have the requirements, we have the solution!


Important characteristics of an office chair – an introduction

There are many opinions and articles about which fuctions are important. Many of these are more the category nice to have, but a few of those are absolutely essencial from an orthopedic point of few:

  1. A height-adjustable seat, stepless would be best
  2.  A tilting seat to support your blood circulation
  3. At least a small backrest in the lumbar area, also height adjustable

These 3 functions are the total essencials and always have to be fulfilled. Everything else are comfortable additional functions, which should also be there in order to sith comfortable in a longer term. The most interesting are:

  • High backrest
  • Armrests
  • Synchronious mechanism
  • Headrest

We would also like to offer you a short input to our mechanisms, so you can find the right one for you.


Synchronious mechanism:

If you lean back, the back rest and the seat move in a matched ratio and with your movement. While the backrest leans back, the seat tilt a little to the front and down. In this way, the contact between your back and the backrest is evenly while moving, while the blood circulation is relieved and the lumbar area is supported.

Tilt mechanism:
While you lean back, the backrest and seat move in a fix angle. While leaning back, you will slip down a little. Better designs set the angle point a little further ahead, so your thighs won’t press on the seat that much. Sometimes, the tilt mechanism is also called the standard mechanism.

Permanent contact mechanism:

Seat and backrest are not connected in this case. If you lean back, only the backrest moves and will follow your movement with a little counter pressure.

Our recommendation:
Is definitely the synchonious mechanism. This mechanism is meanwhile built in as a standard in good models. Although the ocupation safety and health administration (OSHA) does not yet make a request for this mechanism, in our opinion it should always be used.

We only offer profesional manufactured office chairs with high-quality material. They are long-.iving and offer different advantages, depending of the sort of meterial.

  Stoffbezug Netzstoff Kunstleder Echtleder
Temperature Warm Cold Warm Warm
Seating comfort Good ✓ Good✓ Good to very good✓ Very good✓✓
Breathable A little~ Yes✓ No✗ Yes✓
Water resistant No✗ No✗ Yes✓ No✗
Sensitive to dirt A little A little Low✓ Much✗
Sensitive to light No✓ No✓ No✓ Yes✗
Cleaning Easy✓ Easy✓ Without problems✓✓ Complicated✗
Stability of material Moderate✓ Moderate✓ High✓✓ Moderate✓
Hollow formation Low✓ Low✓ Very low✓✓ Moderate~
Maintanence effort Little✓ Little✓ Little✓ low~

We always like to recommend office chairs made from artificial leather. They offer the same comfort as real leather if manufactured wall and are more robust and easier to clean at the same time. These materials can be combined for seats and backrests in every possible way. If for example a good breathability is important for you and at the same time you prefer the comfort of leather on the seat, our variants with a leather seat and net backrest ist the right one for you.

Do you want to learn more?

Have you not yet found the right chair for you or are you having further questions? In our advisor you will find interesting content about the large theme of sitting. Of course, we will advise you also via telephone, e mail of in our online chat. We are there for you and look forward to your message!


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