Ratgeber rund um Bürostühle und BüromöbelRatgeber rund um Bürostühle und Büromöbel

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Our guide is intended to serve as an aid to a wide range of topics. Of course, we not only provide information on guarantee or warranty, but also interesting reading material for back health, the correct lighting in the office or how to reduce cable clutter can found in these guide pages. New articles are regularly added, so it is worthwhile to visit us more often!

Optimale Sitzhöhe BürostuhlOptimale Sitzhöhe Bürostuhl

Germany alone is home to more than 18 million PC office workstations. On average, office workers spend eight or more hours sitting at a desk, and this modern work culture falls remarkably..

Ergonomie am ArbeitsplatzErgonomie am Arbeitsplatz

Home office: to the disillusioned commuter or open-plan office worker, it may sound like an option that provides an instant boost in quality of life...

Optimale Schreibtischhöhe einstellenOptimale Schreibtischhöhe einstellen

It’s a feeling reminiscent of Christmas: the courier rings the doorbell, asks for a signature and gives you a parcel..

Demontage Gasruckfeder bei einem BürostuhlDemontage Gasruckfeder bei einem Bürostuhl

The stadium is packed to the rafters, the lights are dimmed and all eyes on huge display screens featuring close-ups of the players..

Welche Büromöbel kaufen: Tipps zum KaufWelche Büromöbel kaufen: Tipps zum Kauf

For in Germany, the 15th of March is the “Day for Healthy Backs” – it is celebrated as well. In a society where back pain has become an epidemic, this day of action is gaining more international significance and recognition every year...

Sitzball - Alternative  BürostuhlSitzball - Alternative  Bürostuhl

Working in bad lighting conditions can lead to restless behaviour. This article outlines the issue of appropriate lighting..

Materialpflege für BürostühleMaterialpflege für Bürostühle

It happens so quickly. The coffee cup keels over, and suddenly the snow-white plush of your office chair has become an ugly brown...

Kunstleder oder Leder - welches Material ist für Bürostuhl u. Chefsessel das richtige?Kunstleder oder Leder - welches Material ist für Bürostuhl u. Chefsessel das richtige?

There it is—your brand new office chair. It takes only one glance for you to admire its sleek Italian design. The contrast between its dark-brown leather cover...

Tipps zur BüroorganisationTipps zur Büroorganisation

The problem of confusing tangles of electrical cords is as old as electrical devices themselves..

Tipps zur BüroorganisationTipps zur Büroorganisation

Some sceptically view it as an invitation to “La Dolce Vita”; others celebrate it as a promising workplace revolution to improve quality of life. One way or the other, the home office has changed the modern workplace...

Rückenübungen im BüroRückenübungen im Büro

If the topic weren’t so serious, you could almost joke about it. For instance, you could say that today’s youth is not satisfied with underage drinking and smoking—it wants back pain prematurely, too..

Garantierte GewährleistungGarantierte Gewährleistung

According to a mean-spirited saying, everything takes a bit longer in the South. In Germany, this is true only in terms of the summer holidays. Whilst children in some German states can..

Tipps zur BüroorganisationTipps zur Büroorganisation

Workdays sitting at a desk, hours of standing during presentations at work or leaning over the counter in the shop…

Tipps zur BüroorganisationTipps zur Büroorganisation

We recently introduced you to four back exercises that fit nicely into the routine of day-to-day work. The following four exercises, on the other hand, are custom tailored for the home environment..

Tipps zur BüroorganisationTipps zur Büroorganisation

We value it, bosses want it and countless studies affirm it every year… Your workspace should be cleaned up at regular intervals...

Tipps zur BüroorganisationTipps zur Büroorganisation

The inaugural study of the effect of plants on the workplace, conducted by the University of Cardiff, was announced on the university website under the title, “Flower Power”...

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