Chests of drawers & sideboards


Chests of drawers and sideboards can be found in almost every room. They combine functionality and design and can be integrated into any room concept thanks to the large selection of models. 

Find your dream chest of drawers now and create individual accents in your home.

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Chests of drawers & sideboards - small cabinets with a big impact

They are versatile and can therefore be found in every household. Depending on the model, they have drawer boxes or cupboard doors with shelves behind them. This provides you with plenty of storage space and good organisation options.  The drawer cabinets are available in various styles, sizes and dimensions.

Table of contents:

What are chests of drawers?

Chests of drawers basically have two purposes. Firstly, they are used to store items in almost any room. On the other hand, they have a decorative purpose. An aesthetic sideboard is a real eye-catcher in any room and is crucial for the atmosphere in it. However, chests of drawers are only a broad umbrella term for a range of different elegant room organisers.



A chest of drawers is a piece of furniture that is suitable for any room. It is usually equipped with drawers or shelf inserts and therefore offers plenty of hidden storage space that can be used for any items. Whether clothes or supplies, a chest of drawers offers functional and attractive storage options in any room. Some models also have open shelving elements that offer space for decoration. For example, you can place your finest crockery in the kitchen.


Sideboards are usually wider and less tall than chests of drawers. This is why they are often found in dining areas or living rooms. They also usually have a combination of cupboard doors and drawers. This allows you to perfectly store small items and place decorative elements to give the piece of furniture an even more individual touch. If the sideboard is white, it also blends in with almost any interior design.


As the name suggests, highboards are higher than other sideboards. They also usually have a combination of different elements to maximise storage space. They are therefore perfect for living and dining areas where a lot of storage space is required. Highboards are also often combined with other chests of drawers in the living room, such as sideboards and lowboards, to create a wall unit. To create an attractive overall look, it is advisable to choose chests of drawers in the same line or style.


The bedside table is probably the smallest chest of drawers. It stands next to the bed and serves as a storage surface for a lamp, smartphone or glasses, for example. Thanks to their drawers, these small space miracles offer enough room to elegantly store other small items without creating a mess next to your bed.


Lowboards are particularly popular as a base unit for the TV in the living room, as they are much lower than other chests of drawers. They are ideal for storing technology and cables. Such TV cabinets usually have special cut-outs to discreetly hide and organise cables.


As a place to store crockery and cutlery, sideboards are traditionally found in dining areas. They are also perfect for presenting food or for small buffets with family or friends.

As you can see, every chest of drawers has its own advantages. Thanks to the wide selection of variants, there is the perfect chest of drawers for every room and every space. However, before you decide, you should make sure you know what type of storage you are looking for and for which room. This way, you are guaranteed to find the model that suits your requirements.

What features do chests of drawers and sideboards have?

Chests of drawers and sideboards are robust and durable pieces of furniture that have a significant impact on the appearance and functionality of a room. Various features contribute to this. The biggest difference between the various versions is their respective dimensions. Chests of drawers, for example, are up to 100 cm high and between 50 cm and 120 cm wide. Sideboards are between 70 cm and 90 cm high and wider than 120 cm. Most people opt for a width of between 180 cm and 200 cm. The majority of chests of drawers stand on the floor. However, some chests of drawers are also available in a suspended version. However, if there are children in the house, you should also attach each chest of drawers to the wall to secure them. Children can easily get stuck on chests of drawers or use the drawers as steps when playing. To prevent the drawer unit from tipping over onto the child, secure it to the wall. The devices for this are usually already included in the scope of delivery. Chests of drawers have different load-bearing capacities. To see the maximum load they can withstand, please refer to the product details. If you exceed the specified maximum load capacity, the chest of drawers may collapse. This is tailored to the size ratio and the storage space. 

There are also differences in the material from which the chests of drawers are made. These robust pieces of furniture are usually made from materials such as wood, metal or plastic. Each material has its advantages. As a natural raw material, wood is very durable and stable. Damage can be easily repaired by sanding and re-oiling the affected area. Wood also radiates warmth and gives the surroundings a natural charm. Metal and plastic, on the other hand, are cheaper materials and require less maintenance than solid wood. Plastic is also available in all colours and looks. The choice of material therefore depends on your visual preferences.

However, chests of drawers and sideboards are not just for purely decorative purposes. One of the most important factors is functionality. In addition to shelves, many chests of drawers have drawers that enable efficient storage of many items. The drawers can be organised even better with special inserts. Special features of chests of drawers include built-in mirrors or a modular nappy-changing unit. Furthermore, not all chests of drawers and sideboards have simple handles. There are also models with recessed handles or special soft-close mechanisms.

It can therefore be said that chests of drawers and sideboards are tailored to the needs of their users in terms of their dimensions, maximum load capacity, material and additional functions. They are therefore a crucial element in keeping things organised and giving every room a special ambience.

White small chest of drawers with open compartments, drawers and a doorWhite small chest of drawers with open compartments, drawers and a door

Where are chests of drawers used?

Living room: A wide variety of chests of drawers are used in the lounge. Whether a lowboard as a TV base unit or display cabinets and highboards as storage space and for showcasing decorative elements. Sideboards are also very popular as visual room dividers in open-plan living and dining areas.

Bedroom: Chests of drawers are particularly popular here. Thanks to their practical drawer elements, they offer plenty of space for clothes, towels or bed linen. If you also use drawer inserts, smaller items can also be perfectly organised. The space on the consoles is often used by women to store jewellery or make-up.

Hallway: Whether for shoes, jackets or household utensils - the hallway is all about storage space. You can create this with chests of drawers or cupboards. The best thing about this is that, despite having lots of things, the hallway looks tidy and cosy thanks to various wall cabinets. If the chest of drawers is narrow, it is particularly suitable for the hallway.

Bathroom: Chests of drawers in the bathroom are rather atypical, but still very practical. Whether as towel storage or as a base cabinet under the washbasin, the small cabinets have a great effect.

Office: A wide variety of cabinets are also used in the office. Whether a filing cabinet or a lockable office cabinet for discreet document storage, there is a suitable model for every purpose.

Kitchen: In the kitchen, a chest of drawers is an elegant way to create additional storage space. This can also be converted into a tea and coffee bar, allowing you to keep your kitchen floor space free.

Dining room: The "good" Sunday crockery finds a suitable place in a sideboard, buffet or display cabinet and can be taken out quickly and easily when needed. It can also be used for decorative purposes.

Children's room: Chests of drawers find their place in the children's room from day one. Thanks to special nappy-changing tops, which are usually removable, a chest of drawers usually accompanies your child's life from an early age right through to adolescence.

Vintage, modern or boho - these styles are available for chests of drawers

Chests of drawers and sideboards are available in various styles to match your interior design. The various designs include, among others:


  • Characterised by traditional, rustic furniture or antiques and flea market finds
  • The furniture is usually in wood, beige or white colours
  • Fabrics and walls are decorated with country house motifs, such as flowers or fruit in various pastel colours
  • Natural materials such as wood, stone or linen are often used
  • The lighting is soft and warm to create a cosy atmosphere

White country-style chest of drawers with wooden top and steel handlesWhite country-style chest of drawers with wooden top and steel handles
White Scandinavian-style chest of drawers with slanted wooden feet in a cosy & bright living roomWhite Scandinavian-style chest of drawers with slanted wooden feet in a cosy & bright living room


  • Similar to the country house style, natural materials such as wood, wool and leather are favoured here
  • Light and neutral colours are preferred to create more light and spatial effect
  • Simplicity and minimalism are emphasised so that the room appears unobtrusive yet stylish
  • Clear lines and proportions in furniture and accessories ensure harmony and balance
  • In a Scandinavian style, however, attention is not only paid to the appearance, but also to functionality and comfort
  • Cosy textiles and warm lighting are also used here to create an inviting and cosy atmosphere
  • Decorative elements are usually inspired by nature, such as plants
  • The use of vintage items also promotes individuality and lends a unique and personal style


  • The timelessly modern furnishing style is characterised by clear lines and neutral colours
  • The focus is on functionality, but without neglecting the design
  • Therefore, pieces of furniture with a minimalist design in white, black, grey or beige are usually preferred
  • High-quality materials such as glass, steel and wood are used
  • To further emphasise timelessness, there are hardly any patterns or textures to be found
  • Individual art and design objects set accents in the rather plain rooms
  • To increase comfort and convenience, technology is seamlessly integrated into the design
Modern grey chest of drawers in a timeless style with small black handles in a sleek and minimalist living roomModern grey chest of drawers in a timeless style with small black handles in a sleek and minimalist living room
Brown lowboard in a living room of an industrial-style loft flatBrown lowboard in a living room of an industrial-style loft flat


  • Particularly characteristic is the use of rough and robust materials such as metal, wood or leather
  • The design is often angular and functional
  • The colours are very muted and usually tend towards grey, brown and black
  • The rooms are often loft-like and open, with visible beams or pipes and cables
  • Old industrial lights and factory equipment such as cogwheels adorn the walls
  • Otherwise, decorative elements in industrial style are rather rare
  • This interior design style is generally described as minimalist, functional and charmingly rustic at the same time

Tip: Upcycling

Are you tired of looking at your old sideboard after many years? An old piece of furniture often tells a story and represents memories, which is why we often find it difficult to part with it. To breathe new life into old chests of drawers, you can upcycle them. In addition to the emotional value, this also has other benefits. Upcycling is an effective way to reduce waste and protect our environment. Especially now, in the digital age, environmental awareness is becoming more important than ever. You can give free rein to your creativity to give your chests of drawers a breath of fresh air. There is no right or wrong here. It doesn't matter whether you are just sprucing up the fronts by re-foiling or painting them, or whether you are replacing entire parts. This not only reduces waste, but also saves you money, as upcycling chests of drawers is cheaper than buying a new model. 

By upcycling a sideboard, you gain valuable experience and give the piece of furniture and your home a completely new, individual touch.


Chests of drawers and sideboards are important and versatile pieces of furniture for your home. They are characterised by two aspects in particular. Firstly, chests of drawers offer plenty of storage space and organisational options thanks to their drawers, shelves and cupboard doors. Secondly, they play a decisive role in the appearance and atmosphere of a room. If chests of drawers are white, for example, they fit into almost any room concept. However, when making your choice, pay attention not only to the external appearance, but also to the quality. If chests of drawers are inexpensive, this can also affect the product's lifespan. Thanks to the large number of different models, there is the perfect chest of drawers for every area of use, whether living area or office. They are also available in a wide variety of designs so that these practical storage space wonders can be adapted to any room.

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