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Why should you Buy your Office Furniture Online?

First, the internet – especially hjh OFFICE – offers a wide range that cannot be matched by local retailers. hjh OFFICE owns Europe’s largest specialised office chair warehouse, with approx. 50 000 swivel chairs and desks in stock at all times. Shipment is made within two to three business days, meaning that you can generally work and feel better in your office the very next few days.

Secondly, you are purchasing your swivel chair or executive chair through direct distribution and without any intermediaries, with a selection of the world’s leading manufacturers of seating and office furniture. In the case of hjh OFFICE products, you are even buying directly from the manufacturer. No wholesaling, therefore no driving for profit margins to raise prices. We also refrain from publishing glossy catalogues or overly elaborate advertising. We invite you to do some comparison-shopping. Let our best quality/price ratio convince you!

What about Duration of Use?

The quality of an office chair is roughly measured by its recommended daily use.

If daily use does not exceed 4 hours in a home office, for example, we recommend our large selection of fabric and net-covered swivel chairs, as well as executive chairs with netting, leather or faux leather. The quality of these chairs and the demands placed upon them are proportional to their recommended daily use. These chairs are often significantly cheaper than chairs designed for professional use, which can be used for longer periods throughout the day.

For full-time office work and professional office spaces, we recommend office and executive chairs with an 8-hour timeframe for daily use. These are mostly upholstered with high-quality and abrasion-resistant materials. Their padding and support ensures comfort even during long workdays.

How Do Office Chair Mechanisms Differ?

Office and executive chairs are equipped with different mechanisms for seat adjustment:

  • Tilt Mechanism

    The tilt mechanism allows the backrest to be reclined whilst the seat remains fixed in its original position. As a rule, the backrest can be locked into different positions with a lever. The tilt mechanism is the simplest office chair mechanism.

    The so-called “kneematic” or knee tilt mechanism is a special variant of the tilt mechanism. Its pivot is located on the front section of the seat, allowing the posterior of the seat to recline with the backrest.

  • Permanent Contact

    The permanent contact mechanism features a moveable backrest and stationary seat. The user is able to switch between an upright and reclined posture in accordance with their current activity. Regularly changing position in this manner allows a better flow of nutrients to the spinal discs. The backrest follows the movements of the body and thus supports the user in moving upright from a reclined position.

  • Synchronous Mechanism

    The synchronous mechanism is also often called the point synchronous mechanism. This mechanism connects the reclining of the backrest with the reclining of the seat. When the user leans back, the seat tilts back slightly. The ratio of movement between seat and backrest is 1:3. Thus, lower back support is guaranteed in any position, promoting ergonomic posture. Another important advantage of the synchronous mechanism is the lack of the “shirt pull effect”: the other mechanisms sometimes slightly pull at upper clothing with a change in seating position, but the synchronous mechanism ensures that everything stays in its properplace.

Choosing a Swivel Chair – Health Considerations

Office chairs with a swivelling seat promote strong back muscles. Topstar, a German manufacturer, has a number of these office chairs in its range. Topstar’s swivel technology is known as BodyBalance and relieves the spinal discs of strain. Our manufacturer Aeris also offers seating furniture for ergonomic posture, such as the well-known Swopper. All Swopper chairs are based on the concept of dynamic sitting, regardless of whether you choose a Swopper Classic, Swopper Standard or the smaller Swoppster. In addition, the Swopper can also be fitted with a backrest, which contributes to a relaxed posture and to relieving the back of strain.

What to Consider if you have Back and Spinal Disc Problems?

If you have spinal disc problems, an ergonomic disc swivel chair or a swivel chair with integrated disc support can be of benefit.

Should back or spinal problems be a consideration in the choice of your office chair, it is important to inform yourself thoroughly. You are welcome to contact us in this regard; we are happy to provide our comprehensive advice.

As a general rule, even the most ergonomic swivel chair cannot remedy disc problems. Our swivel chairs can, however, help to support posture and to ease chronic pain. If you have disc problems, we advise you to move and stretch as often as possible at work.

Is Price a Relevant Factor in the Choice of an Office Chair?

Of course, our website has office chairs for every budget. An economically priced office chair fulfils basic functions just like a more expensive chair, however the recommended duration of use and suitability for various tasks will differ. Aside from the price, it is important to take note of further criteria such as your seating habits and the amount of time you spend sitting on a daily basis.Naturellement vous pouvez acheter

At hjh OFFICE, you will find an extensive range of swivel and executive chairs, from our basic economical models all the way to highest quality professional chairs. A somewhat more expensive executive or office chair generally offers higher quality materials, better specifications such as adjustable seat height, armrests etc. and a greater level of comfort. Our premium range models are definitely worth their money.

Should I Buy an Office Chair or an Executive Chair?

Executive and office chairs are distinguished through two main criteria. The first is the size and look of the chair and the other is the difference in cover material.

The classic office chair is generally offered in different fabric models. Office chairs are generally found at many office workstations due to their smaller size.

Executive chairs are mostly available in leather or faux leather. As a result of their impressive look, they are generally found in the home office or in manager’s offices.

Which is Better: A Fully Upholstered Swivel Chair or a Swivel Chair with Mesh?

The decision to buy a fabric swivel chair or a swivel chair with mesh depends on customer preference. Whilst the classic fabric swivel chair absorbs heat on all surfaces and is always comfortable, the mesh swivel chair – with increased air circulation – keeps you cool even in summer.

Fabric models vary between 30 000 to 110 000 abrasion cycles, where swivel chairs with 110 000 are part of the absolute highest quality office chairs. This fabric variant can withstand (almost) any wear under even the heaviest use.

Although mesh is regarded as being pleasant and comfortable, seating comfort is entirely subjective. A padded swivel chair is generally the softest option.

What is a Seat Inclination Function?

A seat inclination function allows the seat to be slightly angled forward slightly.

A large number of jobs in modern office spaces are performed in a slightly raised seating position and, above all, in a forward-angled working position.

For people who work in these instances, a forward slanting seat prevents the rounding of the lower back. The larger angle between thighs and upper body also relieves the whole body.

Armrest Specifications to Consider

Armrests support the forearms and thus contribute to ergonomic posture. Office and executive chairs offer different adjustment settings:

  • Fixed Armrest

    This armrest is fixed and neither its height nor any other setting can be changed.

  • Height-adjustable Armrest

    The height of this armrest can be adjusted to meet user requirements.

  • 3D Armrest

    This armrest is height-adjustable. The armrest can also be moved laterally, forwards/backwards and radially and can be fixed into different positions.

  • 4D Armrest

    This armrest can be moved up/down, forwards/backwards, laterally and radially and can be fixed into different positions.

How to Choose the Right Children’s Swivel Chair?

In choosing the right children’s chair, the height and weight of the child are deciding factors. There are, of course, children’s swivel chairs in different price ranges. The more economical children’s chairs usually offer a height-adjustable seat. Children’s swivel chairs with more settings are normally found in the middle to high price ranges. We recommend chairs that “grow” with the child, which are highly adjustable according to height and weight and are offered by a variety of manufacturers.

Often, the choice of the right children’s chair is determined by colour. Girls tend to choose pink chairs and boys blue ones. Children generally spend less time sitting than adults.

Do I Need Special Swivel Chair Castors for my Hard Floor?

Our swivel chairs are predominantly delivered with carpet floor castors. Carpet floor castors are fitted with synthetic wheels, and these somewhat harder plastic wheels can easily produce light scratches on hard floors. Carpet floor castors are thus ideal for middle and long pile carpets.

Hard floor castors are recommended for hard floors like laminates, parquet, tiles, stone floors and short pile industrial carpets. Hard floor castors are coated with a specialised rubbery layer that protects hard floors from scratches. You can purchase hard floor castors for your office chair at hjh OFFICE.

Some chairs in our product range are fitted with multipurpose castors, which are appropriate for both hard and soft floors. The product description of each respective chair will inform you of whether it is fitted with multipurpose castors.

Do I Need an Office Mat?

As a general rule, office mats protects floors – hard floors and soft floors – from additional wear and tear.

Office mats are designed either for hard floors (tiles, parquet, laminates, tiles, low pile carpets etc.) or soft floors (middle to long pile carpets).

Carpet floor office mats have sharp knobs to prevent the mat from slipping on the carpet.

Hard floor office mats have a slip-resistant layer on side facing the floor, providing a firm grip and preventing the mat from sliding.

If you intend to use an office mat, it is important that your office chair is fitted with hard floor castors (see above).

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