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Dining chairs are available in all colours and designs, with or without armrests, swivel or fixed. However, what makes a dining chair so special is its comfort. This is the only way you and your loved ones can sit comfortably even during an extended meal or games evening. Regardless of whether you want your upholstered chair to be traditional, modern or particularly practical, you will find the right model here.

Be inspired and discover the variety of our dining chairs.

Black faux leather dining chairs with quilted pattern at a modern stone tableBlack faux leather dining chairs with quilted pattern at a modern stone table
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    BEGIO B - Shell chair
    BEGIO B - Shell chair
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  2. TARVISO PU - Upholstered chair
    TARVISO PU - Upholstered chair
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  3. TEDIO - Upholstered chair
    TEDIO - Upholstered chair
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  4. PERIA - Guest Chair Conference Chair
    PERIA - Guest Chair Conference Chair
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  5. SCANDIO - Folding chair
    SCANDIO - Folding chair
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    BEGIO - Shell chair
    BEGIO - Shell chair
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  7. SCANDI P 4 pack - Shell chair
    SCANDI P 4 pack - Shell chair
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  8. TUDELA W Faux Leather - Folding chair
    TUDELA W Faux Leather - Folding chair
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    TUDELA II Fabric - Folding chair
    TUDELA II Fabric - Folding chair
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  10. TUDELA I | Velvet fabric - Folding chair
    TUDELA I | Velvet fabric - Folding chair
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  11. WIREA - Bistro chair
    WIREA - Bistro chair
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  12. SCANDI 4 pack - Shell chair
    SCANDI 4 pack - Shell chair
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  13. T36 V - Four-legged chair
    T36 V - Four-legged chair
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  14. TUDELA 4 pack - Folding chair
    TUDELA 4 pack - Folding chair
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  15. Bestseller
    TUDELA Faux Leather - Folding chair
    TUDELA Faux Leather - Folding chair
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  16. VANTAGGIO COMFORT W - Bistro chair
    VANTAGGIO COMFORT W - Bistro chair
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  17. DESIGNIA V - Upholstered chair
    DESIGNIA V - Upholstered chair
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  18. VANTAGGIO BRUSH - Bistro chair
    VANTAGGIO BRUSH - Bistro chair
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  19. VANTAGGIO COMFORT - Bistro chair
    VANTAGGIO COMFORT - Bistro chair
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Buying advice: Introduction to the world of dining chairs

From classic solid wood models to modern swivelling upholstered chairs, the choice is huge. Choosing the right model is not only important for the style and aesthetics of your home, but also for comfort. That's why the dining chairs at hjh OFFICE are not only visually appealing, but also functional and comfortable. This ensures that all users are satisfied and can sit comfortably. To help you find the model that suits your personal style and needs, this article will give you an insight into the world of dining chairs.

Table of contents:

What different types of dining chairs are there?

To give you an initial overview of the different models, we will first present the most popular variants.


Upholstered chairs are probably the most popular dining chairs. They are some of the most comfortable models and ensure a pleasant sitting experience throughout, even on long evenings. The combination of comfort and style makes them a perfect addition to many interiors. They are ideal both as a dining chair and as a visitor's chair. Upholstered chairs are also available in various designs, whether modern, traditional or retro, there is sure to be a model in this category that appeals to you. The rigid chair also impresses with its robust construction, durability and stability.

Orange shell chair in a modern dining roomOrange shell chair in a modern dining room


Stacking chairs are not only modern, but also extremely practical. They are designed so that they can be stowed away easily and save space. Usually made of robust material, stacking chairs are highly resilient and therefore have a long product life. They also offer an ideal solution if you need a lot of seating but have limited space. Thanks to their stackability, they can be set up and dismantled quickly and take up hardly any space in storage rooms. Whether in conference rooms, schools, private households or at events, stacking chairs can be used and placed anywhere. However, the adaptable dining chairs do not just look functional. They also impress with their design. They are available in a wide variety of materials and colours, which is why they can be harmoniously integrated into almost any room concept. A stacking chair is therefore perfect for you if you are looking for space-saving, flexible and stylish dining chairs.

Brown leather cantilever chairs in front of a white wall decorated with stuccoBrown leather cantilever chairs in front of a white wall decorated with stucco


In addition to classic upholstered chairs and stacking chairs, cantilever chairs are also popular as dining chairs. They can be recognised by their characteristic S-shape and skid frame. Despite their unique design, however, the cantilever chairs are by no means unstable. They are stable and also very comfortable thanks to the gentle swinging motion. Not only are cantilever chairs very modern, they can also be seamlessly integrated into many different furnishing concepts. Whether at home or in the office, with their slim silhouette, cantilever chairs are an asset to any room. In most cases, the backrests are also S-shaped and therefore mould to the natural curvature of the spine. The style of the dining chairs ranges from traditional and simple to modern, the only thing that remains the same are the clear lines and shapes. If you are looking for a minimalist dining chair with an unrivalled seating experience, the cantilever chair is the right choice for you.


Upholstered chairs or four-legged chairs are also available as swivel versions, which gives them more functionality. This allows you to stand up comfortably in a smaller seating area without having to slide the chair far back. The bases of these chairs are often made of wood, aluminium or stainless steel to ensure stability at all times despite the swivel mechanism. If the dining chair swivels, it is both stylish and practical. Thanks to the swivel mechanism, the chairs offer greater freedom of movement and more flexibility, which is particularly appreciated during social evenings or larger events. They are available in various designs, making it easy to integrate them into your interior. Opt for a swivel version and experience a new dimension in dining and socialising.


Wooden dining chairs are both timeless and modern. They radiate cosiness and warmth, making everyone who sits on the wooden chairs feel comfortable. If they have an upholstered seat and backrest, the seating is also very comfortable. Wood creates a cosy atmosphere and allows for a variety of shapes and designs. Wood is also easy to care for and can be sanded and oiled if necessary, giving your wooden dining chair a new lease of life. As wood is a renewable raw material, it is a particularly sustainable choice and perfect for environmentally conscious people.

What features do dining chairs have?

Dining chairs have various features to ensure a real seating experience within your four walls. Firstly, they have a medium-high or high backrest to provide good support. On the other hand, dining chairs offer stability thanks to a robust base. Some models also have armrests. They are available in various shapes and with different functions.


Design: Dining chairs are available in a wide variety of styles and designs to ensure that the comfortable seating fits seamlessly into your interior and complements other pieces of furniture perfectly. Whether classic, rustic or modern - there is a dining chair to suit every style. The Scandinavian furnishing style, which is characterised by clear lines and simple aesthetics, is still particularly popular. Materials such as wood, linen, wool or leather are often used, reflecting the Scandinavian affinity with nature.  The "hygge" design is characterised by a combination of simplicity, naturalness and cosiness. At the same time, it creates a calm and inviting atmosphere. The SCANDI model, for example, radiates the Scandinavian style and therefore fits perfectly into almost any room.

Ergonomics: In addition to its external appearance, the ergonomic properties of a dining chair are even more important. Only on a comfortable chair will you enjoy sitting for long periods of time without feeling tense. A specially moulded backrest can provide additional relief for your support system by adapting to the natural curvature of the spine. The seat height and depth also have a decisive influence on the comfort of the seat. Unfortunately, the ergonomics of furnishings outside the desk are often overlooked, although such pieces of furniture are usually used just as often and for just as long as an office chair. The comfort provided by ergonomics is important for enjoying a relaxing time with family or friends.

Quality: The ergonomics and quality of a dining chair often go hand in hand. If the quality is poor, the model is unlikely to have any ergonomic aspects. Similarly, if the quality is poor, the product life is often much shorter. The maximum load capacity is also higher for high-quality models. Robust materials and high-quality workmanship mean you can sit comfortably and stylishly for a long time. The materials used play a particularly important role here. Robust natural materials such as wood or genuine leather guarantee stability and a high level of comfort at the same time, especially for longer periods of sitting. In addition to genuine leather, particularly durable and easy-to-clean materials such as microfibre or artificial leather are recommended. Chic, stylish, durable and functional - quality in a dining chair means that all these aspects are taken into account to give you and your loved ones the best possible seating experience.


To be able to sit comfortably on a dining chair for a long time, it needs the right dimensions. The height of the seat should always be adjusted to the height of the table so that you sit neither too high nor too low. The seat usually has a standard width of 46 to 51 cm. If you are looking for a wider model, a lounge chair is usually more suitable. Typically, the total height of a dining chair up to the top edge is around 80-100 cm. The seat has an approximate height of 45 cm and 50 cm. However, there are special models that can be adjusted in height using the base frame. These chairs are advisable for people who are outside the norm in terms of their height. This means that particularly short or tall people, as well as children, can sit comfortably at the dining table.


There are various options for keeping the chairs clean, which differ depending on the material. We have summarised some tips for cleaning and caring for different materials below:

  • Damp, not wet (!) cloth
  • Mild detergent for heavy soiling
  • Clean with little pressure so as not to damage the leather
  • Use special leather care (for genuine leather)
  • Clean with upholstery cleaner after testing for colour fastness (test on a small, preferably inconspicuous area)
  • Vacuum regularly
  • Can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth
  • Use a mild and special cleaning agent for heavy soiling
  • Be sure to wipe dry and allow to dry thoroughly, otherwise water stains may occur
  • If it is a solid wood chair with particularly stubborn stains, it can be sanded down and re-oiled
  • Metal can also be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth
  • Be sure to wipe dry immediately afterwards
  • Dust regularly

Where can dining chairs be used?

Dining chairs can be used in more than just dining areas. They can be used in a variety of ways both indoors and outdoors. In addition to the dining table, the practical seating options are also popular at kitchen islands, either for eating there when things need to be done quickly or for preparing food comfortably while seated. The comfortable seating options are also perfect for cosy chats between partners, friends or family members. In the living room, they are also a nice addition to other seating options. Dining chairs are also useful under covered patios, as they are usually more comfortable than garden chairs. However, make sure that the material is weather and weather-resistant. Despite a canopy, the chairs will come into contact with moisture outside. So you can comfortably enjoy the fresh air with a coffee or a good book, or spend time relaxing with friends and/or family. The stylish and comfortable seats can also be found at weddings or other large events. Here, however, it is advisable to hire them from a special hire company to save costs. It is also likely that you will only need this quantity of chairs temporarily for an event. But dining chairs are not only a comfortable option in private areas. In commercial facilities, such as offices, conference rooms or waiting rooms, as well as in restaurants or cafés, dining chairs are used and invite you to linger. As you can see, there are many different areas of application for dining chairs.

Stacking chairs in a café in autumnStacking chairs in a café in autumn

Which model is right one for me?

Taking design, function and comfort into account, choosing the right dining chairs can be a real challenge. After all, the design of the chair should blend seamlessly into the existing room. At the same time, the dining chair should be highly functional and comfortable. The following tips can help you find the right dining chairs for your needs:

  • Consider the respective advantages and disadvantages when choosing materials.
  • Avoid too great a mix of materials within the room
  • It can look good to place different models at a table, but it doesn't have to. Feel free to try things out or get further inspiration.
  • What is your interior design style? A uniform interior is advantageous so that the dining room chairs fit perfectly. Whether modern, classic or minimalist - there is a suitable model for every style.
  • In addition to the style, the colour is also very important so that the room concept remains coherent.
  • Always consider the size of your existing or new table so that it matches the chairs and vice versa.
  • However, do not neglect the ergonomic aspect of the above points. 

Are you still undecided? No problem! Our certified ergonomics consultants will be happy to help you at any time. Contact us here.

Conclusion: A dining chair for every purpose

It can be said that dining chairs are available in an almost limitless variety of shapes and designs, colours and functions. However, comfort is the top priority. Because these seats are used where life happens. With the right dining chair, you and your loved ones can sit comfortably and without pain or tension, even when sitting together for long periods of time. The models are usually divided into upholstered chairs, swivel chairs and stacking chairs. Dining chairs can also be swivel or made entirely of wood. In addition, most variants are designed to be relatively timeless and can therefore outlast many trends. Finally, dining chairs are not just limited to the dining area, but can also be used in other interiors or even partly outdoors.

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