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Glossary of key terms

We have compiled a list of key terms to help you understand the industry jargon.

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Armrests support the forearms and assist in maintaining ergonomic posture. They can have up to four adjustability settings: height, lateral (sideways) movement, radial (angular) movement and forwards and backwards movement.


Office chairs are generally delivered with carpet floor castors. These are quite hard and can scratch surfaces such as laminates and parquet. We therefore recommend the purchase of hard floor castors for these surfaces.

The main differences between hard and soft floor castors are the core and tread. The core is generally the same for both types of castors, however, making the tread the only fundamental difference.
Hard floor castors have a soft tread to prevent damage to surfaces such as parquet, laminates and tile floors. Carpet floor castors are significantly harder and are hence suited to soft floors like rugs and carpets.


Direct Distribution
All swivel chairs, lounge furniture and office furniture from our own brand, hjh OFFICE, are sold through direct distribution without wholesaler or retail price margins. That’s the reason for our unbeatable prices.

Duration of Use
Office chairs are separated into two categories. The first category has a recommended daily use of approximately four hours and is generally suitable for private use or a home office environment. The second category features chairs with a maximum recommended daily use of eight hours and is for professional office spaces and full-time work.


Executive Chair
Executive chairs are normally somewhat larger than conventional office chairs. Aside from fabric covers, leather and faux leather covers are often available.


Chairs with fabric covers are always padded and thus feel soft and comfortable. The padding absorbs heat on all surfaces, making fabric a warmer cover than mesh.


Mesh chairs are generally more tightly covered than padded, fabric-covered chairs. They also allow better air circulation and therefore feel “fresher” than fabric covers.


Office Mat
An office mat protects your floor covers from the wear and tear caused by office chair castors and constant pressure. They are available for hard and soft floors.

Officechair24 owns Europe’s largest warehouse for office chairs, with a permanent stock of approximately 50 000 swivel chairs and desks. We pride ourselves on our incredible value for money, fast delivery and comprehensive advice.

Office Chair
The classic office chair is used for work at office workstations. It is generally available with a fabric or mesh cover.


Permanent Contact
The permanent contact mechanism offers a moveable backrest. This enables the user to switch between an upright and reclined position in accordance with their current activity.


Synchronous Mechanism
The synchronous mechanism has a 1:3 movement ratio between the seat and backrest. This guarantees lower back support in any position, thus promoting ergonomic posture.


Tilt Mechanism
The tilt mechanism allows the backrest to be reclined while the seat remains fixed in its original position.

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