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Learning is much more fun with the right children's desk. Height-adjustable children's desks that grow with the child can be used for many years. You and your children can enjoy our furniture for a long time.

In our shop you will find many beautiful, ergonomic desks for your child.

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Desks for children and adolescents

A computer desk is an essential component of your child’s study success, as an ergonomic workspace allows healthy posture. This translates to a more comfortable work atmosphere and better concentration, allowing your child to get more work done. A child’s or adolescent’s desk needs to fulfil certain criteria: it should promote healthy posture, have a high degree of adjustability to “grow” with its owner, have visual appeal and, of course, fit into the allocated space.

Proper posture – make learning fun

Your child’s swivel chair and desk should be considered a unit. The height of the chair and desk should be adjusted as follows: the hips should be positioned 90° to the knees, which should in turn be 90° to the calves and ankles. The height of the chair should allow the arms to rest on the desk at 90°, enabling the child to work in a relaxed manner.
To guarantee optimal posture in the long term, parents should regularly check that the desk and chair are adjusted correctly. Following these guidelines will safeguard against postural problems and back pain.

Growing adolescent’s desks

Many of our children’s and adolescent’s desks feature a height-adjustable tabletop. This enables the desk to “grow” with your child or teen over many years, which guarantees ergonomic posture and thus reveals an important aspect of daily homework. Indeed, good posture is tantamount to long-term back health, particularly for younger children. The sooner your child gets into the habit of good posture, the less problems they will need to confront later on. So develop good posture now and prevent back pain and disc problems proactively. You are sure to find the right combination of a comfortable, child-friendly office chair and an ergonomic desk in our extensive range.

Production through hjh office

Our Own Products: Exclusive children’s desks at sensational hjh OFFICE prices. When you order hjh OFFICE children’s desks and work desks, you are purchasing directly from the manufacturer. Direct distribution means that there are none of the usual middlemen (wholesalers and retailers) to bump up prices. hjh OFFICE products are always in stock and are posted within one to two working days.

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