Ergonomic Seating

Regular computer users risk falling victim to back and neck complaints. A good office or executive chair can prevent such problems, but only if it is correctly adjusted to its user.

Office chairs should be height-adjustable as well as having an adjustable backrest and a rotatable swivel base. Additionally, the office chair should be safe against overturning. All office chairs at hjh OFFICE meet these requirements.

Ideally, the chair should also be equipped with castors with an automatic braking mechanism, which prevents the chair from rolling away when it is not in use. The seat height should be adjustable between 43 and 52 centimetres. The backrest should support the spinal column even when posture is changed.

How to Correctly Adjust your Chair

Get started by correctly adjusting the seat height. In doing so, there should be a right angle between your thighs and calves, and your knees should be parallel to or slightly below your hips. Your feet should be flat on the floor. If this is difficult to accomplish, a footrest can assist.

Your forearms should rest flat on the desktop. If your chair has armrests, these should be adjusted to allow you to roll far enough towards the desk to easily rest your forearms on the desktop and to create a right angle between the upper arm and forearm.

Now, adjust your chair to your bodyweight. The mechanism is properly adjusted when you can lean back without resistance and the chair mechanism supports you when gently rocking forward again. It may require some time to get used to this “dynamic sitting”. In any case, your back will thank you if you do not adjust the backrest to tightly.

If your chair features seat depth adjustment, ensure that you sit back against the backrest to obtain the largest possible seat area. However, ensure that the knees are free and unobstructed. The seat should never press against the hollow of the knee, as this can compromise proper blood circulation.

Finally, built-in lumbar arch support can be adjusted to support the lumbar vertebra and lower back.

Tips for Healthy Posture

Sit as far back as possible on your office chair using as much of the seat as possible.

Correct posture is not the only factor in ensuring pain-free work. Actively leaning forward and backwards at your workstation contributes to “dynamic seating”, which is also important. A good office chair will aid you in achieving pain-free workday.

However, even with the best office chair, it is necessary to stand up and stretch at regular intervals. This is facilitated particularly well by an electronically height-adjustable desk, at which you can work standing up for extended periods.

If you have a height-adjustable desk, start by adjusting your office chair to your personal requirements Next, adjust the height of the desk so that the forearms rest lightly on the desktop.

Some desks cannot be adequately adjusted for smaller users. In this case, we recommend the use of a footrest. A footrest should be adjustable in height and angle, and it enables healthier posture. Adjust the office chair so that, at the lowest possible height, the forearms rest at right angles on the table. The footrest can now be adjusted so that the upper and lower legs are at a right angle.

Also take notice to position your monitor at an appropriate height. The top edge of the monitor should be at the same height as your eyes or slightly below them.

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