The magic of colours

Colours influence our senses and emotions. Through colour accents, you can therefore add a certain feel-good factor to the workplace.

Blue is one of the most important colours, as it has both a calming and relaxing effect, while at the same time increasing concentration and productivity.

Blaue StuhlmodelleBlaue Stuhlmodelle

Red stands for strength, activity, dynamics, and joy of life. The intense contrasting colour stimulates creativity and attracts all eyes in the office.

Rote  StuhlmodelleRote  Stuhlmodelle

Green is the colour of hope and symbolises freshness and vitality. As a natural splash of colour in the office, the colour has a vitalising and stress-relieving

Grüne StuhlmodelleGrüne Stuhlmodelle

Yellow stands for warmth, light and creativity. Like warming rays of sunshine, it can make a workplace appear friendly and inviting. The colour spreads a positive mood and in this way increases the willingness to communicate and the ability to concentrate.

Gelbe StuhlmodelleGelbe Stuhlmodelle

The positive influence of colour


Red attracts attention and stands for vitality and energy. Red can activate, provide warmth and has a stimulating effect. In interiors, red can be used as an impulse-giving colour accent.


Orange is the symbolic colour for optimism and joy of life. Orange is a mood-lifter and stands for open-mindedness and self-confidence. In orange-coloured rooms, sociability is promoted and a sense of cosiness is emitted.


A bright yellow stands for knowledge, reason and logic. It promotes concentration and creativity and has a stimulating effect on conversations.


Green is calming, harmonising and stands for security and hope. In interiors, green provides a sense of calmness, security and creativity. In work spaces, green is ideal - also often in the form of decorative plants.


Blue stands for serenity, trust and supports clear thinking. Small rooms appear larger when painted blue. The colour blue has a relaxing effect.

Pink / Rosé:

These colours radiate idealism and convey security. Pink has an expressive effect, whereas a soft rosé is delicate and soothing. 


White is a symbol of purity, clarity and elegance. In interior spaces, white is the ideal combination colour. White neutralises, brightens and invigorates.


Grey is the colour of complete neutrality and restraint. In interiors, grey is often used as a combination colour.


Black is the expression of dignity and prestige and has a noble effect. Black conveys seriousness and generates respect.

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