Freshness for the office

Ready for a breath of fresh air at your desk?

Spring cleaning is on the agenda again! Not only in the living room, but also in the office.
But spring cleaning doesn't just mean clearing out, it also means bringing in fresh, new colours.

Fresh, innovative designs

With our colourful office chair models, your office will now really bloom.

Artificial plants

Important decorative elements that add freshness and cosiness to any space.

How to give your office chair a new glow


Would you like to extend the life of your office chair? Regular maintenance helps! To preserve the material over time, you should therefore clean and care for it thoroughly when cleaning your home regularly.

Our cleaner duo helps you to do so and removes even heavy dirt from the seat and backrest as well as from all plastic elements of your office chair.

  1. CS-01 | 250 ml - Accessories
    CS-01 | 250 ml - Accessories
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