The era of boring office chairs is over! Indeed, office chairs have experienced a renaissance of fresh colours, extravagant concepts and avant-garde design ideas! And why should such trendy chairs be confined to the workplace? Put your feet up after work and relax with our comfortable lifestyle chairs. The models in this category flaunt stylish colour combinations and high-quality upholstery, making them perfect for the living room as well as the the office!
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Office Chairs – The “Living” Category

The classic home office has lost a lot of significance in the last few years. The office trend is clearly moving towards open living spaces; today’s home office is often set up in a corner of the living room in lieu of taking up a whole room by itself. Classic office chairs do not really suit this modern concept, so we have developed the “Living” category to house suitably avant-garde fabrics and designs.

Fabrics and Colours

While a striking executive chair might make an impression in a CEO’s office, it does not always fit into the home environment. The living room calls for a bit more colour and a trendier design than a what you would find in a typical office space. Fabric choice is also an important consideration. Whether you choose classic leather, faux leather or long-life fabrics, it’s what you like that counts.